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We are the only store in Pakistan which sells 100% natural, fresh, healthy,organic(where available) & chemical free food items.

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Availability of pure natural food items is becoming a challenge.  The journey for the accusation of such provisions which happen to be our staple food items as well, led to the establishment of Alif Meena.  Alif Meena endeavours to provide range of spices, flours, dry natural products employing natural processing such as solar drying, grinding at stone mills and chemical free washing and boiling.  These measures ensure maximum freshness and preservation of vital vitamins and minerals found in these food items.

Admittedly, a number of brands are available in the market claiming to be organic but to ensure real organic properties in food items is a tough task if not impossible.  Thus we do not ordinarily claim to be an organic food supplier, however some of our products are close to being organic such as Buckwheat as it is grown in the pollution free environment of various valleys of Gilgit and Baltistan.  Similarly, honey is obtained as found in the wilds of Changa Manga Forest. 

Alif Meena continues to explore opportunities for arranging natural wonders for your vitality and health as to live well you have to eat well.

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When I first started Alif Meena, I had one goal in mind-to deliver 100% natural, farm fresh, chemical free & healthy food items all over Pakistan.
Ameena Sohail, CEO Alif Meena

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Frequently Asked Question!

All our products are special but honey, dry fruits and flours(buckwheat) are top of the line as none of the similar items available in market match our price and quality.  

We have our own farm where we raise and keep free range chicken in a clean natural environment. They are given natural feed like vegetables waste(residue after peeling their skins etc.) bajra and wheat etc.

After boiling of water, noodles to be added to the water & boiled for 40 to 50 seconds only. Don’t boil these noodles with the same method as you boil normal white flour noodles otherwise, they’ll turn into a thick soup like solution. 

To be precise, both are beneficial for their respective benefits.  Apricot bitter seed is highly effective as it contains B17, known for its anti-cancerous properties. For more details on benefits, please review the product description section.  

After boiling of water, noodles to be added to the water & be boiled for 5 to 7 minutes only.

Customers Reviews

I have tried literally all the organic food providers in Pakistan but I had to say....they are the best Organic Food providers in Pakistan. Keep up the good work 🙂
Umair Abdullah
I bought apricot dried and mushrooms. I must say both the items were beyond my expectations. Very few people are working on things which are purely natural.Keep up this good work.Will order soon
Wafi Rana
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