Apricot Jam

Apricot Jam – Khubani

Apricot Jam has a deep, sweet-tart flavour. Professional Bakeshops, use Apricot Jam to add a glossy sheen. And delicate fruit sweetness to fruit tarts.

The health benefits of apricots are numerous. They help us improve heart health, strained muscles and wounds. It also cures fever and is a treatment for Anemia. Additionally, it contains Vitamin A which improves our eyes and vision. And has Vitamin C which keeps us energized. Moreover, it contains Vitamin K which stops internal bleeding. Furthermore, it has the ability to improve digestion and constipation. It is also believed that apricot is good for skincare. Due to which it makes an important addition to various cosmetics. They can also reduce cholesterol levels, aid in weight loss. And boost bone strength while maintaining electrolyte balance in the body.

We can also use Dried Apricots as it has the same benefits as of the jam. And is also available in our shop.

Alif Meena has started the selling of fresh apricot jam. These are produced by the hard working ladies of Gilgit Baltistan. Thus, while you relish their taste on your breads. We appreciate your encouragement and contribution to their empowerment. Order now from the link given below:


We also sell Fresh Cherry Jam.