Buckwheat – Gluten Free Organic Flour

Buckwheat is a plant cultivated for its grain-like seeds and as a cover crop. It is pseudo cereal. And it is not like wheat, as it is not a grass. It is gluten free and can be made into tea, noodles, flour and groats. Besides this flour, flours of other grains are also used occasionally like wheat, gram, corn, and barley.

A major benefit of buckwheat compared to other grains is that it has a unique amino acid composition that gives it special biological activities. These include cholesterol-lowering effects, anti-hypertension effects. And the ability to improve digestion, such as by relieving constipation. It also prevents cancer, manages diabetes, boosts the immune system. And reduces the risk of gallstones while improving bone health. Additionally, it is a good source of protein and prevents heart disease. Moreover, the flour also helps in preventing Asthma and Anemia.

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We also sell flours of other grains like Maize flour (Makai ka Atta) and Wheat flour (Gandum Atta).