Desi Chicken

Desi Chicken – Desi Murghi

Desi chicken are basically raised in open space and in natural environment. They have enough space to run around and grow naturally. They scratch ground and dirt for worms and insects. Additionally, they get natural feed. Like corn, bread, rice or other household scrap by their keepers.

Desi Chicken is very hard to find and purchase in Pakistan.

Pakistanis, consume a lot of chicken as it is tasty and has many health benefits. Mostly broiler chicken is being consume. However, it has no benefit but instead is harmful for our body.

Broiler chicken is not good for our health due to toxins which they are given to it during its growth. It contains unhealthy fats which are not good for a healthy person. Regular consumption of broiler chicken can cause many problems. Like obesity, high blood pressure, heart problems etc. So, stop consuming broiler chickens and go for healthy desi chicken meat.

Whereas, Desi chickens are tastier and more nutritious as they feed in the open. Since these birds are active, they are able to take care of themselves. And hence are not prone to diseases.

Desi Chicken is a good source of protein. And is useful in controlling Blood Pressure. Additionally, it helps in preventing cataracts and skin disorders. Moreover, it’s soup gives a great relief from common cold and sore throat. It also lowers the risk of cholesterol and heart disorders.

Alif Meena has started the sale of desi chicken. These are freely grown in a complete natural environment. And there feed also consists of natural food items. Like vegetable residue and grains like maize. So click the link below to order organic desi chicken now:

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