Green Tea

Tumbruk Herbal Tea – Green Tea – Kehwa

Green tea tradition of Gilgit Baltistan presents Tumbruk as the natural fatigue reliever. Sourced from the highest plateau of Deosai containing its flora and fauna. The organic properties of Tumbruk are all available in its hot cup. Inviting you for a deep sip.

Tumbruk Green Tea is mostly taken after eating as it helps in digestion. It has many other health benefits. Like it reduces cholesterol and improves blood circulation. Additionally, it tones muscles and skins. And reduces the risk of cancer. Drinking it daily also prevents tooth loss. While building stamina and immunity. Moreover, it eliminates hangovers, purifies blood. And dissolves oxygen easily. It is very beneficial for blood vessel treatment. Furthermore, it strengthens capillary walls and is antiseptic and antiflamatory.

Alif Meena aims to promote the traditions of Gilgit Baltistan. In that attempt, we are now selling Tumbruk Green/Herbal Tea. It is 100% organic with all it’s freshness preserve inside our packing. So click the link below to order it now:

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